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Subject:Pasta Dish
Time:02:59 pm
Current Mood:fullfull
Pasta Recipe for a Friday night.
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 15 Minutes
Suggest Drink: White, this is a heavy dish, drink an airy wine.

Heavy Cream-1 C
Sour Cream-1C
Crème Fraîche (if you can find it, omit Sour Cream and Cream)
Chicken Breast-1 Breast
Italian Sausage-1 Link
Mushrooms-1 C
Tomato Sauce-1/4-1/2 C
Rotini or Fusili-A lot
Panchetta or Bacon-2-3 slices

Place sour cream and heavy cream in a dish, mix well, let sit for 1 hour. This will make a faux Crème Fraîche. Put on a large pot for making the pasta. Bring water to a boil. Slice bacon very lean or use panchetta, prosciutto is too salty for this, save it for the caniloni. Slice up the ham and sautee it with the sliced mushrooms until it starts to render out. Make sure you're cooking your pasta. Then add sliced chicken and sausage to the mix. Sautee these until cooked well, remember a little browning always adds flavor as the animal and vegetable sugars carmilize. Drain off as much excess fat as possible, this is a very heavy dish and most items used are fatty. Pour on the creme mixture and let it begin to cook and bubble. Add a small amount of tomato sauce for color and sight flavor. Toss with pasta lightly and serve.

Inspired by Miranda
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Subject:Firefox Extensions Review
Time:06:13 pm
For those of you who don't know what this is, Firefox is an internet browser much like Internet Explorer. It was based off of code known as the Gecko Engine, which powers the newest versions of Netscape and Mozilla. Firefox is only a web browser, as oppsed to Mozilla or Netscape Communicator, which have extra features. Firefox is constantly updated, as opposed to Microsoft Internet Explorer, which can go for months without a fix.

One features of Firefox is it's XML interface which allows the browser to be easily updated and changed. A internet user gives his take on it. When asked if he likes giraffes, "Well, they are a little tough to eat, but otherwise, pretty flavorful", responded 25 year old hispanic male Jose Guzman. Which shows us the power of the internet.

Here are a list of Extensions from the main Firefox page that I think are very handy. Extentions are little files that you install that change the way your internet brower works and feels.

Adblock: You know those annoying Flash/Animation based ad's in webpages? Want to make them go away? Want to make ALL pictures that are ads go away? Install this addon and start teaching it what you want to block. You can add filters like: Block all web pages called http://ads.* or http://ad.* or */ads*. This will block anything with the words ads in it.

Flashgot: Every download something and it dies half way? Every want to download 30 little files from a webpage and you have to click each one? Flashgot gives you the option to select text, links, pictures on a webpage and download everything you highlighted at once using your favorite downloader. A downloader is a little program that organizes your downloads. I use a program called FlashGet.

Forcast Fox: This puts a little weather forcast at the bottom of your browser, I don't know for sure on this one, sometimes weather.com sucks.

AutoCopy: This makes anything you highlight in the web browser, go to the clip board. Saves you the time of hitting CTRL+C all the time, or EDIT, COPY. This is a very handy item.

Inline Complete: You know how Internet Explorers tries to finish what you type in the URL bar? Well this will make it work in Firefox.

Click below to give it a try.

Get Firefox!
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Subject:Movie review
Time:12:02 am
I just rented Shi mian mai fu, or as us yanks call it, House of Flying Daggers and annoying shit.

Crotching tiger, hidden dangle brought a bunch of fun stuff to the screen. Happy songs and flying ninja shit that blew our minds when we sat in that pile of crap we call the Palm. "Mommy, why does it smell like peepees?", "Because you touch yourself! THATS WHY"..

Anyways, back to the movie. It's got all that great shit we loved in previously mentioned movie...like Ziyi Zhang..some other ninja shit...bamboo and trees and crap. But mostly, calm music, amazing colors and scenes...although I swear this wasn't filmed in China but in VERMONT DURING THE FALL. Ok good story, fun to watch, a little annoying at times, but if you like outrageous but subtle martial arts and hot asian girls speaking in mandarin, then go forth and rent this movie for 3.99. or Nutflix it.
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Subject:Rants and Raves of the day.
Time:07:29 pm
Rainbow Sherbet: I bought a pint of this the other day and now I realize it's my second favorite ice cream/cold treat other than Phish food. It's fruity and refreshing and you should go out and buy some right now! and eat it.

Sugar in Sodas: So I was drinking the last of the sodas before I stop taking in sugar in mass and it had some 48 grams of sugar which is 3.372, so at one soda a day, that's 23.6 table spoons of sugar a week just in your drink which is over a cup. (1 C. =16 TBS) Ok that's not THAT much. But look at every food you eat and add up those grams. You're eating cups and cups of sugar every week. It's gross. Think about it...

Shoe laces: I just bought some new shoes and I went to a shoe store and couldn't find shoe laces anywhere. There's a famine among shoe lace sales places. WHERE ARE THE LACES.

A good pizza: I've tasted a lot of pizza in this city, north beach, senoires,extreme, little ceasers, pizza hut, round table, washhouse, nazarios, orgazmica, village, moon something or other, 3 places near north beach. And I still can't find one I really like. Round Table is great, and washhouse used to have great cheese, village has good basil and tomatoes, but I'm unsatisfied. Where are my woodstocks! Where??

Craigslist Humor: I got bored the other day and put a listing on ebay for a bag of salad, half eaten. I got like 10 responses.

Canon EOS 350D: Canon has released the next Digital Rebel. 8 mega pixels and new body.

Photoshop CS2/9: Adobe has released a new version of the photoshop software and to our surprise (NOT) do the advancements constitute a 150$ upgrade fee? Should we pay 150 to get better red eye reduction and some raw file editing features? When does a company look at it's product and say, ok, lets make this free, or lets take them for all we can. I think some software companies should think about how they treat the customer base and then think about how they want to be precieved.

Quiznos: Every F'ing Quiznos I've been to up here can't seem to wrap their heads around a TURKEY AND CHEDDAR SANDWICH. I've been to multiple places and when I ask for a turkey and cheddar, it's like I asked them for a smoothy and a pair of tire's.

Big Buys: MCI and NASDAQ are on the selling block this week. Does anyone care or pay attention to huge corp take overs like this that could possible affect you?
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Current Music:BBQ
Subject:Here's the deal......
Time:11:40 pm
Current Mood:empty
So, I'm looking at my diploma. and i feel a sense of...nothing. so much of my life, dedicated to this paper. So much sacrificed, for this paper. And really, what is it worth? I don't have the same sense of accomplishment as others do. I mean, maybe when I walk in commencement, I will feel a little different. I'm just four days away in starting my career at Accenture, I wonder how all the time and money and "misc" i gave up for it.....What I'm trying to find is a little meaning that this is what I was meant to do. All these years, and this is what I wanted....right? Purple and Gold piece of paper? Anyways. Wow that was depressing. Anyways

We had another great BBQ today. I want to thanks Jose and Anna for making it great! Anna made a wonderful cheesecake which won't be on the no sugar menu. SoRRY! Jose made tri-tip once again, although the one I made was equally wonderful. Ben and Stegen came out from south bay to have a few charred animals with us. There was a group of I'd say 20-30 people (allll korean) having a BBQ, I thought to myself (What the fuck, I don't have 30 friends). How do people get so many friends for a BBQ? We had trouble roping 10 people. Anyway, half of them got really drunk and a few had to be carried off... Very funny shit.

Who wants to go see RX Bandits at Bottom of the Hill on the 24th (That's a sunday), I got work the next morning so it's to the point, see the band and get the F' out! I'm developing a web page that had a database of recipes and has a week long form with drop down menus. You build a meal plan for the week, then it generates a printable shopping list of everything you need to prepare all the stuff, it will have a check box next to it so you can mark off if you already have it. I'm focusing on home cooking and nothing processed and reduced sugar. I'm finding that sugar is the cause of all my problems. Mood swings, fatigue, headache and lack of concentration. I am doing an experiment to see how I feel when I cut out 90% of the sugar in my diet. I'm not fat, in fact I'm probably still like 5% body fat, but that's not the point! It's my head that is the problem. Sugar makes me spike and valley so much as far as energy, it's no wonder I feel like shit all the time. Anyway, I'm putting together this recipe thing for everyone.

Please send me your favorite recipes!

Email me at firebelly AT gmail DOT com
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Subject:Holy crap batman
Time:08:45 pm
I start work on 4/20, or 420 or 42+0. CRAZY
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Subject:New chapter begins.
Time:10:41 pm
well....after a phone interview, a online skills test, one week of web based application study/testing, three weeks of Java J2SE testing and training....I am now a fulltime employee of Accenture Technology Solutions division of Accenture. Anyways, this is a full time career with benefits, stock options etc. I am very happy and excited that my 5 weeks of hard work paid off. I'd also like to take the time to talk about Riteaid and the ice cream they sell. I'd like to take this time to suggest Midevil Madness ice cream. 1/2 gallon for $2.29, it's great!
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Time:09:08 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

why isn't this filled with people wanting me to work??

UPDATE: Ha, well who cares now, I got a job. F'U Monster.com!
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Subject:Movie Review
Time:10:37 am
Current Mood:rejuvenatedrejuvenated
So I went a caught Sideways at the local theater. By the way, how can shitty little theaters charge 9.50 for a movie?? I can understand the Metreon charging that to pay for all their shiny surfaces and lasers. But not eh Stonestown Twin which resembles a shot gun. It had two super narrow and super long screens.

Ok, the movie is centered in Santa Ynez and the surrounding areas. Which is my home town. It was a trip seeing all the local things and knowing exactly where they were, and yelling at the movie when there was inconsistencies. This was a fun movie which explores the moral delemeas we face come time for marraige and how we handle defeat. I Recommend this movie to anyone, but especially my EX SY people. BTW, AJ Spurs all the way, Hitching post II, what the fuck??
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Time:05:36 pm
April 16
Reel Big Fish@iMusicast 18$
Q and not U@Slims 12$
Queens of the Stone AGe@Fillmore 25$

April 19
Velvet Revolver and Hoobatank (LAME!!!) @SFMusic center

April 21
HEDPE@the pound

April 24
RX BAndits@BotH 10$

April 29
FANTOMAS!@Fillmore 20$
Sabrina Stewart@UCSC

May 5th
Gift of Gab@Harlows $17.50

May 6th
Moby@Warfield 30$ (rip off jackass@!)

May 18th
Millencollin@Fillmore $15
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